Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

CO77X The truth about it

------This stuff here you can find on the web and its all a lie------

CO77X topped the trends because this was featured in yesterday’s General Hospital episode in ABC. Everybody is really curious about the meaning behind that myserious code. General Hospital featured a flashback by Dante where he recalled that he spotted a graffiti on the wall that read co77x. So what is the meaning of co77x? It might be a reference to James Franco’s character seeing that they were childhood buddies.

James Franco will be appearing on the ABC soap opera starting November 20 and will play a “mystery person who comes to the soap opera’s town of Port Charles.”

Spinelli mentioned it’s a tag. So maybe it’s a cadaver tag identifying somebody’s body. Apparently James Franco’s character is going to cause trouble for Jason, so those bodies are probably people Jason killed. And one them is probably related to Franco’s character.

Others said the CO stands for company and 77 stands for the number of the company. Whereas X stands for dead or it doesn’t exist. So it CO77X simply means Company 77 doesn’t exist.

-----------------------here comes the truth------------------------------

Its the hidden publishing of a new Holly Wood Blockbuster. CO77X is the name of a new Projekt by the maker of General Hospital. Its rather hadr to find much infomation because they are hidding very well but all i can say is that its something like a military based movie or something like Stargate or Battlestar Galactica. Its also true that the SciFi channel will be releasing CO77X soon next year.

Updates will come